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Strut channels can be a metal framing system primarily designed for hanging pipes and conduit plus more or fewer readily available at any Store.

This frame is inherently strong and much less susceptible to flexing compared to the wood frame when assembled, and possesses the additional advantage of completely disassembling and reassembling without wear on major parts. This frame can be created to collapse/fold/partially disassemble much more easily compared to the default wood frame.

Channel/Strut can be a standard structural component generally useful for the support of electrical or plumbing products (including cable tray/ladder, lighting rigs, or pipe clamps), it carries a number of other ways to use installing almost anything.

Metal strut framing channel systems can be used an apparently limitless quantity of mechanical applications, including:

Engineered uses of strut channel
Overhead electrical supports
Fire protection systems
Concrete inserts
Laboratory furniture fabrications

Strut channels can be bought in plain, slotted, concrete insert style, consecutive or perhaps other MTO combinations. The product could be supplied in several materials based on the a higher level corrosion resistance you will need.

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